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Box Building

Box Build Assembly & Box Build Electronic Manufacturing

Box Building

Box Build Assembly & Box Build Electronic Manufacturing

What is box build assembly?

Box Build Assembly generally refers to the final product assembly of electronic manufacturing, which is a commonly used assembly process in electronic product manufacturing. In the Box Build process, according to design specifications and requirements, assemble all required electronic components and PCB circuit boards into a complete electronic product. This process requires precise planning and organization to ensure that all components can be correctly combined and meet quality standards.

Box Build Assembly is an important process that requires precise skills and experience to ensure product quality and reliability.

We provide a one-stop Box Build Electronic Manufacturing solution for electronic product assembly. We strictly follow the assembly manual and have skilled workers.

The advantages of our Box Build Electronic Manufacturing services

1. A quality team of over 80 people effectively controls important process steps such as IQC incoming inspection, IPQC process inspection, and OQA factory inspection

2. Equip a team of 50 electronic engineers to provide constructive improvement suggestions for DFM manufacturability checks and engineering processes during the production process, effectively enhancing product quality and production efficiency

3. The company implements a Quick Response mechanism, where professional sales personnel connect with customers and respond to any abnormal situations within 1 hour

4. Promote MES electronic information dashboard, effectively supervise the PMC production planning process, ensure delivery time, and achieve data traceability

5. Use ESD electrostatic protection pearl cotton or electrostatic bags for safe packaging to ensure the safety of the product during transportation.

Electronic Manufacturing

Electronic Manufacturing

Lower Box Build Electronic Manufacturing prices

The quotation is generally based on the customer's BOM and GERBER documents for specific verification, providing the customer with a lower quotation.

We optimize the production process and reduce production costs by improving production processes and increasing production efficiency. Reduce enterprise operating costs through refined management.

More stable and fast delivery time

We establish long-term, stable, and mutual trust cooperative relationships with suppliers, conduct regular supplier evaluations, and ensure that suppliers have sufficient production capacity and excellent product quality. For suppliers of key components, it is necessary to establish deep cooperative relationships, conduct joint research and development, and customize production.

The EPR management system formulates detailed production plans, arranges order priorities reasonably, and ensures timely completion of critical orders. At the same time, it is necessary to consider the production capacity and delivery cycle of suppliers to avoid production bottlenecks. To achieve more stable and faster delivery times, improve the competitiveness and customer satisfaction of the enterprise.

Box Building

Box Building

Electronic product assembly is a process in electronic manufacturing that mainly involves assembling multiple electronic components together to form a complete electronic product. This process usually includes multiple steps such as welding, assembly, and testing, and is a key link in ensuring the performance and quality of electronic products.

With the increasingly fierce competition in the electronics industry, how to quickly produce products and put them into the market has become the most core problem that must be solved. Many customers can only focus on design, marketing, and after-sales service for their own interests, and can only outsource product production and assembly to electronic manufacturers.

iPCB provides complete Box Build Electronic Manufacturing services, regardless of product batch size or category, we configure software and conduct final testing according to technical specifications.