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PCBA Capability

Full product PCBA turnkey

PCBA Capability

Full product PCBA turnkey

Please let us know your request

If you need a quote for PCB, component, or full product PCBA turnkey, please provide as much available data as possible or send data related to your specific project to our email:

*PCB Gerber files

*Bill of Materials

*Assembly drawing

*Programming and testing requirements

*Shell drawings

*Design requirements

*Required quantity

*Any other relevant data

PCBA Turnkey Factory

PCBA Turnkey Factory

We have a 15000 square meter SMT/PCBA factory, carefully selected advanced equipment in the industry, and 12 new SMT production lines equipped with quality inspection equipment such as SPI, AOI, and X-ray. 

We strictly follow standardized production, scientifically configure batch and sample production lines, optimize production efficiency, and have a daily production capacity of over 30 million points, meeting the customized PCBA needs of different types of customers.

SMT surface mount processing: supports 01005 component surface mount packaging.

DIP plugin: With a daily production capacity of 2 million points and 4 DIP plugin lines. Supports lead and lead-free peak soldering.

Support special services for ICT testing, FCT testing, and finished product assembly.

Support program firing and aging testing.

Support Box Building.

Logistics transportation: intact packaging using pearl cotton, bubble bags, and five layer cardboard boxes.

PCBA Turnkey Factory

PCBA Turnkey Factory