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On iPCB®, We attach great importance to serving you, and we are more concerned about whether our customers can grow together with us. We provide customers with first-class PCB manufacturing and PCBA assembly services.
iPCB Circuits Limited. is an electronic manufacturing enterprise specializing in high-precision PCB circuit boards and PCBA assembly.
The industries we serve include: industrial, communication, smart home, digital, power supply, computer, automotive electronics, medical, instrumentation, aerospace, and other fields.

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Having over 15 years of manufacturing experience
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IPCB is a manufacturer of PCB circuit boards and PCBA, and we have always provided high-quality PCBs and PCBA to global customers at reasonable prices. In order to provide customers with more professional and advanced PCBs and more reliable PCBA products, we adhere to strict standards throughout the entire process of PCB manufacturing and SMT surface mounting and stamping. We focus on circuit board manufacturing, SMT packaging, PCBA contract manufacturing, and ODM services. Aibi Circuit can meet the design and manufacturing needs of customers for circuit boards through processes such as blind hole embedding, blind cross embedding, high-precision impedance control, resin plug hole, electroplating filling hole, copper slurry plug hole, embedded copper embedding copper, buried capacitance embedding resistance, high-frequency mixed pressure, ultra-thick copper, high resistance carbon oil, crimping hole, countersunk hole, step hole, metal edging, in plate hole, back drilling, etc.

Our team is composed of experienced electronic engineers who can provide customers with a range of electronic design solutions, from conceptual design to product development and testing.


Design Services

Design Services

iPCB has a full PCB manufacturing process and PCB testing equipment, as well as an experienced PCB manufacturing team. IPCB constantly challenges circuit technology and processes, providing customers with more stable, high-quality PCBs and more satisfactory PCB services.


PCB Prototype

PCB Prototype

Our advantages include standardized circuit board manufacturing services, advanced technology, and reasonable prices. We provide timely, reliable, and high-quality professional PCB manufacturing services, making us the preferred one-stop supplier for PCB and PCBA for electronic product development enterprises.


PCBA Assembly

PCBA Assembly

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Why iPCB®?

Why iPCB
  • Quick response and rapid production

    Support PCB rapid production, respond to quotation within 30 minutes, respond to engineering within 1 hour, and provide 24-hour technical support. Shorten the product development and production cycle from various stages, saving you time on the market and quickly capturing the market.

  • Leading technological capabilities

    Having a PCB R&D and PCB production team of over ten years, supporting the research and production of special PCBs. Having mature PCBA assembly, electronic manufacturing processes and management.

  • Sincere cooperation with customers

    Regard customers as eternal partners and develop together. Regardless of the size of the customer, only focus on reputation, not on customers, and do our best to solve relevant technical problems for customers.

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PCB equipment
Why iPCB
  • Using high-quality materials

    Selected brand PCB boards: Taiwan Nanya, TUC, ITEQ, Shengyi, KB, Isola, Rogers, Wangling, Taconic. Inventory PCB materials: SI10U, HL832NXA, HL832NS, fr408, 370hr, tu872, ro4350b, ro4003c, rt5880, ro3003, it180, f4bm, etc.

  • On Time Delivery

    Support urgent sampling and mass production of PCB circuit boards and PCBA assembly. Advanced ERP tracking management system, leading the PCB and PCBA industries in delivery time, with an average on-time delivery rate of over 95%.

  • Stable product quality

    A rigorous PCB and PCBA quality control system effectively ensures the performance of electronic manufacturing products. IPC-A-610G level 3 standard control can be selected according to customer requirements. Promote PDCA management cycle and become the most trusted partner for customers.


iPCB Circuits Limited. has cooperated with over 4000 high-tech research and development, manufacturing, and service enterprises worldwide. Its products are applied in fields such as communication, industrial control, rail transit, medical electronics, computers and peripherals, semiconductors, and automotive electronics, with resources covering more than 30 countries and regions worldwide.

  • Introduction to IGBT modules, a core component for new energy vehicles
    Introduction to IGBT modules, a core component for new energy vehicles
    Automotive module manufacturers have developed many, but there is one module that needs to attract the attention of the industry, and that is the core component of the motor drive part, IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor).....
  • Selecting Multilayer PCB Materials for Millimeter Wave Applications
    Selecting Multilayer PCB Materials for Millimeter Wave Applications
    As more and more millimeter wave circuits adopt multilayer PCB boards, the demand for circuit board materials is also increasing. These materials must not only meet the power and performance requirements of high frequency/high speed circuits, but also the mechanical requirements of multilayer circuits. ....
  • A Few Key factors in SMT Reflow Process
    A Few Key factors in SMT Reflow Process
    Substrate positioning is an important process in SMT patch production. It directly affects the accuracy of solder paste printing, which in turn affects the quality of SMT patch production.....
  • How to control  impedance PCB
    How to control impedance PCB
    Without impedance control, it will cause considerable signal reflection and distortion, leading to design failure. Impedance control is required for common signals.....
  • Test methods for determining DK and DF of circuit board materials
    Test methods for determining DK and DF of circuit board materials
    DK is the dielectric constant expressed as ε r and DF is the loss factor expressed as Tan δ. There are many different ways to test Dk and DF to determine circuit data. ....
  • What is FCCL? What is FCCL used for?
    What is FCCL? What is FCCL used for?
    FCCL is the main material for flexible printed circuits (FPC) used in the electronics, automotive, and information industries. In the FCCL field, polyimide films are mainly used as insulating base films and cover films. ....