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Quality Control

Quality Control

Quality Control

Quality Control


quality system

quality system


*The product has passed authoritative certification and quality management system.

*Prevent and control through engineering design before production.

*Strict production process control.

*A comprehensive product quality system.

*The testing includes AOI and electrical 100% testing.

*High voltage/impedance/micro section/solderability

*Thermal shock/reliability/insulation resistance testing, etc

Quality Policy

Taking quality as the main evaluation point, starting from details, manufacturing high-quality products, and providing customers with satisfactory products and services.

Quality Objectives

-On time delivery rate: 100%

-Production perfection rate: 98%

-Finished product inspection rate: 99%

Service Object

-Customer satisfaction: 99.9%

-Customer complaint/return rate: 0.5%/0.5%

-Customer complaint handling:

-Action time: Within 1 hour; Processing time: within 4 hours

Document Review

-Conduct a detailed engineering inspection of customer information to resolve issues

-Promptly propose reasonable suggestions for problems

Product Inspection

-Incoming inspection - qualified storage, unqualified return

-Tooling Jig test - Send to relevant departments for qualification, reject returns

-Production process inspection - before the products of each process are qualified

-Enter the next process and increase inspection control

Acceptance Criteria

-IPC-A-600G standard (PCB AQL)

-IPC-6018A (high-frequency board acceptance standard)

Certification system