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Electronic Manufacturing

Electronic Manufacturing Services - EMS

Electronic Manufacturing

Electronic Manufacturing Services - EMS

What is electronic manufacturing services?

Electronic Manufacturing Services = EMS, also known as Electronic Contract Manufacturing (ECM). EMS is an electronic manufacturing that electronic manufacturer provide manufacturing, procurement and partial design for electronic product brand owners.

Electronic Manufacturing Services involves many processes and links, and EMS is a comprehensive service that includes product development, production, procurement, quality management, and transportation logistics. Generally, EMS includes the above. But at the beginning, we were not capable enough to start the entire process, so at the beginning, we mainly helped customers with the processing part, so it was only the Electronic Manufacturing part, which is OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing). Later on, it developed to be able to help some customers develop and design products, and now it has become ODM (Original Design Manufacturer). Nowadays, ODM has added new elements compared to OEM. In addition to what ODM and OEM do, our EMS actively provides customers with peripheral services such as product development, material management, production manufacturing, transportation, and after-sales maintenance.

As an electronic manufacturer, we strive to become a virtual factory for our customers. 

In addition to brand and marketing business, we provide one-stop Electronic Manufacturing Services.

Electronic Manufacturing

Electronic Manufacturing

Electronic scheme design

Customers generally provide product design solutions, including schematic diagrams, drawings, layouts, MCU programs, BOMs, PCB Gerbers, assembly SOPs, and other documents. We can also provide joint development services to customers, build prototypes based on product concepts, and then determine technical parameters, product structure, and development cycle to quickly advance research and mass production.

Sample prototype

According to the design plan, quickly produce mold shells, PCB circuit boards, purchase electronic components, and then carry out core processes such as SMT mounting, DIP plugins, PCBA testing, three proof paint spraying, finished product assembly, aging testing, etc., in order to verify the reliability of the design and DFM manufacturability.

Mold making

We have a mold outsourcing factory that has been cooperating for many years, equipped with more than 20 injection molding machines, and complete shell injection molding, oil spraying, screen printing, transfer printing, assembly, and laser engraving process capabilities.

Circuit board production

The factory operates throughout the entire process without any outsourcing processes, effectively controlling quality, supporting through-hole PCBs, flexible circuit boards (FPCs), HDI, blind buried holes, carbon film boards, etc. The monthly production capacity can reach 50000 square meters, TS16949/UL/CE/RoHS/ISO9001 certification, standard flying needle testing, test stand testing, AOI (automatic optical inspection) and other visual inspections.

Electronic component procurement

Having a long-term stable supply chain, we have established cooperation with original manufacturers and agents of classified devices such as ICs, resistors, capacitors, inductors, connectors, crystal oscillators, display screens, transformers, relays, diodes and transistors for 5-10 years, and have received support in terms of accounting and technical after-sales. Our company has established an internal SQE annual audit mechanism to evaluate all suppliers and select the best, in order to continuously ensure the supply and quality capabilities of electronic components.

SMT processing

Equipped with a professional SMT processing and manufacturing team, a high-speed SMT production line, a DIP plug-in production line, a complete AOI, ICT, FCT testing process group, and an assembly process that complies with ISO9001:2008 and IPC-A-610E Class II electronic acceptance standards, we have the ability to undertake the installation tasks of precision components (such as 01005 chip mounting, BGA, tight foot ICs, etc.).

PCBA Assembly

PCBA Assembly

PCBA testing

PCBA testing is a crucial step in ensuring the quality of production and delivery. FCT testing fixtures are made according to the testing points, procedures, and steps designed by the customer, and then the PCBA board is placed on the FCT testing rack to complete the testing. Our company can produce PCBA testing racks ourselves, equipped with engraving machines and testing rack assembly engineers.

Three proof paint spraying

Equipped to meet the needs of customers for harsh environmental applications such as humidity, temperature, and corrosion, our professional three proof paint spraying production line includes fully automatic one-stop mode including spraying equipment, UV detection, and baking.

Finished product assembly

5 finished product assembly production lines, with nearly 100 assembly workers, 95% skilled workers, skilled in operation, high efficiency, excellent assembly quality, dedicated technical engineers, scientific workstation design and management, which is conducive to efficiency improvement.

Electronics Manufacturing Services is the service process of manufacturing product design concepts into products, which requires the integration of electronic technology, supply chain, engineering processes, production management, and human resources, and has a high level of professionalism. 

We provide customers with one-stop EMS electronic manufacturing services, including electronic solution design, component procurement, PCB manufacturing, SMT, plug-in, PCBA testing, PCBA assembly and other processes.