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Design For Manufacturing

DFM Manufacturing & Design For Manufacturing

Design For Manufacturing

DFM Manufacturing & Design For Manufacturing

What is DFM?

DFM = Design for Manufacturability. DFM technology is one of the important research contents of life cycle design, and it is also a concurrent design method of product design and subsequent manufacturing. 

In the design phase, consider the constraints related to manufacturing as early as possible, comprehensively evaluate and timely improve the product design, so as to obtain a design scheme with better comprehensive objectives, and strive for a one-time success in product design and manufacturing, so as to reduce costs, improve quality, and shorten the product development cycle.

About 70% of the product manufacturing cost comes from the initial design stage, such as material or production manufacturing, so DFM has a great ability to reduce costs. In addition, DFM can also play a role in the entire manufacturing and production process.

DFM manufacturability analysis is actually a bridge between R&D and production. Through communication between them, we can simplify, optimize and improve product design to produce better products at lower costs.

DFM manufacturability analysis is to take manufacturability into consideration from the time of product development and design, so that design and manufacturing can be closely linked and the goal of success from design to manufacturing can be achieved at one time.

DFM Involving Stage

In order to avoid the failure of the product project or the high cost of the final product, engineers must comprehensively evaluate the rationality of the design at the design stage. 

Based on different purposes or different professional subdivisions, DFX series was born:

DFP: Design for Procurement

DFM: Design for Manufacture

DFT: Design for Test

DFD: Design for Diagnostics

DFA: Design for Assembly

DFE: Design for Environment

DFF: Design for Fabrication of the PCB

DFS: Design for Serviceability

DFR: Design for Reliability

DFM can get

*Identify potential problems in the design phase and provide solutions

*Component design error avoidance

*Have the opportunity to substitute appropriate components, improve the quality of components or reduce costs, while meeting the original needs

*Improve production efficiency of production process and component quality

*Reduce the cost of product production

*With DFM, production costs can be reduced

*Accelerate time to market

*Reduce development costs

*Reduce the number of revisions or do not need to be modified to reduce development costs

-Reduce rework and repair costs

*Find out errors and faults, and avoid and solve them

*Provide higher quality products, because design can be improved and enhanced at each stage

PCB manufacturing

PCB manufacturing

Low cost, high output, good supply capacity and long-term reliable products are the goals of the enterprise. That is to say, with less money to produce better products, DFM can meet the needs of enterprises to a large extent. DFM is critical to efficiency, speed, and productivity.

DFM meaning design for manufacturability. DFM emphasizes that the manufacturability of products should be fully considered in product design to reduce costs, shorten production time, and improve product manufacturability and work efficiency.

In the practical application of DFM, it is necessary to pay attention to the optimization of circuit board layout, component selection and welding process considerations, and take corresponding countermeasures to meet the challenges. If you have any demand for electronic manufacturing, please feel free to contact iPCB, and we will wholeheartedly provide you with professional support and solutions.