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RF circuit board capability

High frequency PCB technology capability

RF circuit board capability

High frequency PCB technology capability

The production process of high-frequency PCBs is the same as that of FR-4 PCBs. The key to a qualified high-frequency PCB lies in the selection of high-frequency materials and the process control of the accuracy of RF circuits. The main material of high-frequency PCB is high-frequency copper-clad board, and its core requirements are stable dielectric constant (DK) and relatively low loss factor (DF).

The production and management team of iPCB Circuit has been specializing in the production process of high-frequency circuit boards for over 15 years. We have sufficient experience in manufacturing high-precision and stable high-frequency circuit boards for customers.

Our commonly used high-frequency materials include:

1. Rogers high-frequency material


2. TACONIC material

TLY-5A、TLY-5、TLY-3、HT1.5、TLX-0 TLX-9、TLX-8、TLX-7、TLX-6、TLC-27、TLE-95、TLC-30、TPG-30、TLG-30、RF-30、TSM-30、TLC-32、TPG32、TLG-32、TLG-34、TPG35、TLG-35、RF-35、RF-35A、RF-35P、RF-41、RF-43、RF-45、RF-60A、CER-10

3. ARLON high-frequency material

AD255C03099、AD255C06099、AD255C04099、AD300C03099、AD300C04099、AD300C06009、TC600、AD250C02055C、TC350、MCG300CG、DCL220、CUCLAD217LX、CUCLAD250GX、ARLON 55NT

4. Chinese high-frequency board materials


5. Shengyi, Taiyao TUC, Panasonic high-frequency board material models

Tuc862、872SLK、883、933、Megtron4、Megtron6、SCGA-500GF220、255、265、300、LNB33、S7136H、AeroWave300、S7045G、S7040G、S7439、S7439C、S7439G、Synamic 6GX、Synamic 6、Synamic 6N

High frequency PCB production

High frequency PCB production

iPCB has professional engineering service capabilities, accurately grasping customer needs and every key point in the PCB high-frequency board manufacturing process, and producing high-quality high-frequency PCBs on time. Strict quality and reliability testing, we have a complete product inspection process to ensure that our products meet the requirements of the order. Rich production experience and professional management capabilities ensure that the factory's production meets standards and customer requirements.