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PCB Materials

PCB Materials - Rogers RO3003G2 high-frequency PCB material

PCB Materials

PCB Materials - Rogers RO3003G2 high-frequency PCB material

Rogers RO3003G2 high-frequency PCB material

Rogers is a global technology and market leader in innovative material solutions, providing high-frequency PCB material RO3003G2 for automotive applications. Rogers offers a wide range of PCB power electronic materials, RF and millimeter wave PCB laminate product combinations. With global technical support and a global manufacturing base with certified automotive quality systems, Rogers RO3003G2 is helping automotive electronic system designers enter the fast lane of advanced driving assistance system (ADAS) safety and vehicle to vehicle (V2X) communication systems.

Rogers RO3003G2

Rogers RO3003G2

RO3003G2 high-frequency PCB material

Rogers RO3003G2 high-frequency ceramic filled PTFE laminate is an extension of Rogers' industry-leading RO3003 solution. Based on industry feedback, the RO3003G2 laminated board is specifically designed to meet the next-generation needs of millimeter wave automotive radar applications.

The RO3003G2 laminate combines optimized resin and filler content to provide lower insertion loss, making it ideal for ADAS systems such as adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, and active braking or lane change assistance.

Characteristics of RO3003G2 high-frequency PCB material

The dielectric constant is 3.00 at 10 GHz and 3.07 at 77 GHz

Ultra thin (VLP) ED copper

Homogeneous structure containing VLP ED copper and reduced dielectric porosity

Enhanced packing system

RO3003G2 benefit

Best in class insertion loss performance

Minimize changes in dielectric constant in finished PCBs to the greatest extent possible

The trend towards achieving more small diameter through-holes

Global manufacturing footprint

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