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PCB Technology

PCB Technology - PCB design and cost control in circuit board manufacturing

PCB Technology

PCB Technology - PCB design and cost control in circuit board manufacturing

PCB design and cost control in circuit board manufacturing

Today to understand the PCB circuit board design and cost control, in order to make the cost of PCB circuit board can be as low as possible, there are many design factors must be included in the consideration of.

1, the size of the circuit board is naturally a key point. The smaller the circuit board, the lower the cost. Part of the PCB size has become a standard, as long as the size of the work then the cost will naturally fall.

2, the use of SMT will save money than THT, because the parts on the PCB will be more dense (and smaller).

3, if the parts on the board is very dense, then the wiring must also be more detailed, the use of equipment is relatively more advanced. At the same time, the material used must be more advanced, and the design of the wires must be more careful, so as not to cause power consumption and other problems that will affect the circuit. The cost of these problems can be reduced than the PCB size to save more.

4, the more layers of the circuit board, the higher the cost, but fewer layers of PCBs usually cause the size of the new.

5, it takes time to drill holes, so the fewer holes the better.

6, buried holes are more expensive than vias through all the layers. Because buried holes must be drilled before joining.

7. The size of the holes on the circuit board is determined by the diameter of the pins of the parts. If there are different types of pins on the circuit board parts, then because the machine can not use the same drill to drill all the holes, relatively time-consuming, but also on behalf of the production cost of a relative increase.

8, the use of flying probe electronic testing, usually more expensive than optical pipeline. Generally speaking, optical testing is sufficient to ensure that there is no error on the PCB.

PCB circuit board

PCB circuit board

Understand the PCB circuit board manufacturing process is very useful, which allows us to know the cost of the circuit board are out of where? Knowing this, we can take it into account when designing the PCB to reduce the operating costs of the product.